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Beyond Good Intentions with Kristen Duke

Oct 17, 2018

Welcome to episode #40!  Landmark Occasion, my friends.

I'm excited to introduce you to my new friend Tiffany. She is a fellow podcaster, and I found it recently, and I sure love to listen to she and her friend Allyson chat about life, and delve into hot topics! Make sure you check out The Sisterhood Podcast, and she'll share a bit more about it in the beginning of our chat, too. I knew I wanted to interview both of these ladies eventually, and Tiffany was up for it this week, we can look forward to hearing from Allyson at a later date.

I became intrigued with something Tiffany mentioned in their podcast, that she went to help her brother with his kids for a week. She explains how he is navigating single parenthood after his wife suddenly passed away. It was a sweet sentiment as she shared her love, concern, and service to her brother and his family in this challenging time.

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A few links from our chat:

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